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How to Verify a Professional's License in Nashville?

Professionals in Nashville are licensed by the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance through its 25 Regulatory Boards. Hiring a licensed professional is a very useful way to ensure a positive outcome in any project. Depending on the particular professional you require, it may be compulsory that you hire only a licensed professional. Also, the type of project you want to carry out in Nashville determines the type of license that will be required. For example, professionals that wish to engage in building projects worth more than $25,000 will be required to possess a valid contractor's license, while those that wish to work on projects worth between $3,00 and less than $25,000 will be required to possess a valid home improvement license. Failure to hire a properly licensed building professional or working without the right license may be detrimental and can attract criminal penalties. To verify the license of any professional in Nashville, you can access the online verification portal maintained by the Department of Commerce and Insurance.

Note that you may require permits to carry out certain projects in Nashville. The Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission in Nashville issues preservation permits for additions, new constructions, and alterations within sites that have been locally designated as neighborhood conservation districts or for historic preservation. Likewise, the city's Department of Codes and Building Safety also issues building and related trades permits. It is important that you always obtain the right permits for your project, as failing to do so can lead to monetary fines and other penalties.

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Do Nashville Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Nashvillians are often identified through the Neighbourhood they belong to. This has led to the establishment of neighborhood groups and the integration of some neighborhoods into independent mini-cities. In some cases, some of these independent cities have their own conventions for the granting of permits, zoning, and increasing the input of their citizens. Consequently, to carry out certain projects, particularly building projects, you may need to obtain a permit. For example in Belle Meade, a building permit must be obtained from the Office of the Building Official for certain projects. Likewise, in the mini- Goodlettsville, you may apply to its local Board of Zoning and Sign Appeals for temporary use permits or its local Planning & Development Services Department for building permits. Aside from issuing permits, these neighborhood groups and mini-cities also help push development within their localities. For example, to ensure even development around the city, community leaders broke ground for the Legacy Development project in Clarksville Pike in April 2021. Likewise, the city also maintains a drive to see greater infrastructure development across all neighborhoods and has set aside $2 million for infrastructure development in Bordeaux in support of this initiative.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Nashville?

If you have allegations of fraud, deceptive or dangerous practices in Nashville, you may file a consumer complaint with the Tennessee Division of Consumer Affairs. Complaints may be filed online or by sending a completed complaint form to the agency via email. You may also send the completed complaint form by mail to:

  • Division of Consumer Affairs
  • Tennessee Attorney General's Office
  • P.O. Box 20207
  • Nashville, TN 37202-0207

Note that the Division of Consumer Affairs only provides a mediation platform as a good faith remedy for disputes between businesses and consumers, and these businesses cannot be compelled by the agency to respond to complaints or give a favorable solution to the consumers. When a complaint is submitted, the agency acknowledges receipt and assigns the complaint to a consumer specialist who then contacts the named business with information on the complaint and demands an answer within 21 days. If a reply is received the mediation process is started. Where the Division of Consumer Affairs is satisfied that there has been a breach of Nashville or Tennessee consumer protection laws, an action may be instituted against the business alongside the Consumer Protection Division of the state's Attorney General's Office. If there is no reply, or you are unsatisfied with the outcome of the process, further legal action may be pursued at the Nashville Small Claims Court.