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How to Verify a Professional's License in Murfreesboro?

The Regulatory Boards Division of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, through 23 professional boards, programs, and commissions, licenses and regulates several professionals in Murfreesboro. These professionals include architects, engineers, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, HVAC contractors, and masons. Interested persons can verify licenses held by professionals regulated by the Department via its online license search and verification portal. Similarly, the Murfreesboro Building and Codes Department issues city-level licenses to certain professionals such as electrical and gas contractors. You can contact the Building and Codes Department to verify city level licenses by calling (615) 893-3750, faxing (615) 217-3016, or making mail-in requests to:

  • Building & Codes Department
    111 West Vine Street
    P.O. Box 1139
    Murfreesboro, TN 37133-1139

In addition to verifying the licenses of the professionals you intend to hire, it is essential to ensure that you obtain the relevant building permit if you require a professional to perform construction-related activities. The Murfreesboro Building and Codes Department also issues these permits, and they vary depending on the type of project. It is advisable to contact the Department to discover and obtain the required permits for your project before commencing it.

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Do Murfreesboro Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

The Murfreesboro City Council has seven members who are elected by the city residents. The Council is the city's primary law-making body, and it has various other functions, including appointing key city officials and setting the city's tax rate. Though the council lacks authority to issue construction permits, its functions extend to many other construction-related matters, including the approval of city zoning, rezoning, and citywide public projects. For example, the City Council approved several road and sidewalk projects that are currently ongoing. This includes the Mercury Boulevard Sidewalk Improvement Project, which involves several improvements on the road between South East Broad Street and Middle Tennessee Boulevard. The City is also currently carrying out paving improvements on Fortress Boulevard between State Road 96 and Blaze Drive. Similarly, the Murfreesboro City Council also introduced the 2040 Major Transportation Plan, which is a long-range plan identifying the location and type of road facilities required to ensure long-term growth within the city.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Murfreesboro?

Residents of Murfreesboro can file unfair business complaints with the Office of the Tennessee Attorney General's Division of Consumer Affairs. Interested persons can do so either by completing an online complaint form or by filling out a printable complaint form and sending it by mail to:

  • Division of Consumer Affairs
    Tennessee Attorney General's Office
    P.O. Box 20207
    Nashville, TN 37202-0207

The complaint form can also be forwarded to the Division via fax at (615) 532-4994 or email. To make your complaints easier to verify, make sure you provide a vivid explanation of the events leading to your complaint. Also include supporting documents like ads, contracts, proof of payments, and your correspondence with the business and ensure the complaint form is signed and dated. Note that the Division may only take action against a culpable business in public interest. As such, it cannot guarantee you compensation for the losses you incurred due to a professional's misconduct. Therefore, in addition to filing complaints, you should consider hiring a qualified attorney that can help you institute an action before the Rutherford County General Sessions Court, which has jurisdiction over civil suits not exceeding $25,000 in value.